The City of Manhattan may update an ordinance that regulates the amount of grease and food waste flowing into it’s wastewater systems. At Tuesday night’s city commission work session, assistant city planner Randy DeWitt updated commissioners on the Grease Management Permit Program Ordinance that has now been in effect for five years.

While coming up with proposed updates to the ordinance, DeWitt kept three goals in mind:

  • Simplify the permit renewal process for both food service establishments (FSE) and City staff;
  • Improve the reliability/functionality of the devices through improved inspection procedures and requirements;
  • Increase the accountability of the FSE with additional maintenance record keeping and maintenance contractors to ensure that substandard maintenance practices do not occur.

DeWitt said he would like to see mandates for easier payment options for vendors, along with a streamlined licensing program, mandatory maintenance logs, and contractor education programs added to the ordinance.

Commissioners will take action on the ordinance at a future meeting.

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