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City Commission Mid-Year Review on City Goals

The agenda for the city commission meeting for August 8, 2017 was to review the priorities and goals of the commission and make any additional comments for considerations the commission felt they needed to make.

City manager, Ron Fehr, led the commission discussion and outlined where the city is with certain projects.

Some of the highlights of the meeting include:

  • For Governance, Regulatory and Finance issues, a goal was to implement a rental registration and education program, and the status update of the project as discussed in the mid-year review is:
    • Commission approved rental dwelling unit registration and education program in March. The rental registration deadline was July 1 and currently have registered 85% of units and continue to register units daily. Development of rental registration map is ongoing and should be available by August 1 for tenants to check if a property is registered. Educational trainings are being planned for tenants and landlords along with targeted marketing of program to incoming students at KSU.
  • For Economic Development and Vitality topic, one of the initiatives is to to recruit businesses and related companies with the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) and the status update is:
    • Participated in ongoing coordination meetings with key NBAF staff. Commission approved an economic development incentive agreement with the K-State Foundation in March. Participated in NBAF Economic StrategiesTask Force in April. Attended KSU Office Park groundbreaking in June. NBAF plans to conduct an Industry Day at the MFD Headquarters for potential consultants to develop emergency and operational plans for the facility that will involve local emergency services in August.


The full outline of goals, initiatives and status updates for the city of Manhattan is located here.




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