City proposing to update trash dumpster regulations

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City proposing to update trash dumpster regulations

At the City of Manhattan commission work session Tuesday night, Public Works Director Robert Ott presented a list of recommendations to update the City’s ordinances regarding large trash dumpsters and containers.

Referring to a draft ordinance he shared with disposal service companies operating in the City, Ott proposed an annual permit fee, estimated to be $100-$250, to be paid for by the companies. However, Ott assured that the fee is not to be intended for every dumpster in a right-of-way within city limits.

“If an owner wasn’t complying, I need something to revoke. I have to have something to suspend. And a license is one way to do that,” Ott said.

For general safety concerns, Ott recommended that waste disposal services place reflectivity strips on all corners and ends of containers, something that providers aren’t required to do currently. In addition, Ott recommended a safeguard when it comes to streets; during the summertime especially, dumpster tongues can punch holes in the pavement, so Ott recommended that services or individuals place plywood on the ground for protection.

Regarding Downtown and Aggieville, Ott proposed to have special permits issued for contractors and services in those neighborhoods, particularly related to site specificity and time limitations, concerns that were expressed by Gina Scroggs and Linda Mays, executive directors of Downtown Manhattan, Inc. and the Aggieville Business Association, respectively.

“You want tenants that are remodeling spaces and exciting things are happening in the district(s). At the same time, they’ve expressed that the parking stall where that container goes for a number of weeks…and there’s a perception that customers are being taken away because that container is in a parking stall,” Ott said.

Neal Horton of Tarkio CD Disposal, LLC sides with Ott’s recommendations, and said that builders themselves are ultimately responsible for the permit process.

“They are scheduling the delivery of materials, scheduling the other subcontractors that come to the site, and…are providing access to the site, including the placement of the container,” Horton said.

It is recommended that the Commission provide feedback to Staff in order to finalize an ordinance for future consideration, possibly at the December 5th general meeting. City staff recommends that the new regulations not be in place and enforceable until July 1, 2018.

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