The City of Riley says that there is no immediate risk to residents after they did not take a required water sample in the first quarter of 2018.

City officials began informing residents Wednesday, Feb. 6, that they did not perform one test last year to monitor for the disinfection by-products of Atrazine as required by the State of Kansas. Atrazine is an herbicide used to treat crops such as corn and sugarcane. The state requires testing of atrazine levels as it can run-off from row crops into water systems and in certain levels cause cardiovascular or reproductive problems.

Riley City Clerk Doris Fritz says that the city has never been out of compliance in regards to atrazine levels and that nothing is wrong with their water system. She adds that had there been an immediate risk, then residents would have been informed immediately.

Fritz says that the city simply missed the date to send in water samples after the state failed to send sample bottles to Riley officials and then changed the due date for the samples. The city met all subsequent tests and have been in compliance with maximum contaminant levels.

Fritz says Riley officials were told in January that they have until 2020 to notify the public of the lapse, but chose to begin informing residents 10 months prior to the deadline.

For more information, call Doris Fritz at Riley City Hall at 785-485-2802.

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