The high water advisory in place in areas downstream from Tuttle Creek Lake — including the Berry Streets and Dix Addition in Northview — has been lifted, but residents are advised to stay aware of the situation.

Lake elevation has steadily declined since the end of May, recorded at a level of 1129.48 feet above sea level as of 4:30 p.m. Monday, June 10th. As a result, the Army Corps of Engineers have reduced releases steadily to a level of 12,000 cubic feet per second with the anticipation of further reductions of 3,000 cfs at the end of the week.

The immediate goal is to increase capacity by reducing the levels at Tuttle down to 1128 feet, noted as the trigger point for emergency preparedness measures in areas that have seen or could see flooding if conditions worsened.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Pat Collins, Emergency Manager for Riley County said. “Any large amount of rain can impact the Tuttle Creek Lake level.”

There are chances of scattered showers and storms Tuesday in Kansas with the potential for up to two inches of rainfall. Though that rain may not manifest in the area or skate south of Manhattan and not impact the lake at all, rains are also forecast in Nebraska — which due to the size of the water basin for Tuttle would feed into the lake as well. High amounts of local rainfall could also cause urban flash flooding or flash flooding on creeks such as Wildcat if enough falls in a short period of time.

Collins also advises residents to be especially cautious along riverbanks as levels fall as well, as they may be unstable due to how saturated the soil has become. Riley and Pottawatomie County officials will meet later in the week to analyze whether it is safe to open boat ramps back up to public access.

The flood information hotline will shut down Tuesday, June 11. Information will still be made available by local officials on, on Facebook at ManhattanFloodUpdates and on Twitter @updatesflood.

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