The Riley County Commission held a work session Thursday about what should be done about Main Road in the White Canyon subdivision .

While the road is not a county road, the residents still pay for access to propane and emergency services. This has been difficult since the road has been flooded since March, denying that access for the northern properties.

Assistant County Counselor Craig Cox has been in contact with some of the residents affected the flooded road. Cox’s goal of the session was to get consensus by the commission to meet with some of the neighboring land owners to explore an alternate route.

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Cox says his staff liked the idea of the emergency road the most, which was brought up by Emergency Management Director Pat Collins. This would be created from an existing hunting road on the adjacent property.

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Some property owners have reached out to the commission since the flooding has blocked access to the northern properties. Dana Nayduch gave a presentation on the current conditions she’s faced.

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Nayduch says she nor the other property owners were informed that this road was this subject to flooding and would cut off access. The residents have been using an old walking trail to get to their homes, but the only way to get through is with an off road vehicle.

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The Riley County Commission gave consensus to look into an alternate route for the White Canyon subdivision. As for any possible solution, Commission Chairman Ron Wells says he is stumped.

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Wells says they cannot put the burden of buying property and putting in a new road on the county.


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