Riley County commissioners have approved an upcoming public hearing for a sewer benefit district in Keats.

Deputy County Counselor Craig Cox brought a petition from some of the residents of Keats requesting the sewer district. The petition was signed by about 0.54 acreage, which rounded to about 55% of the residents. State statutes say a petition must be signed by over 50%.

Cox says the next step is to schedule a public hearing where the commissioners will consider the petition and decide whether or not to create the district.  He added statutes state they need to have the notice published 10 days before the hearing.

They will have to mail out the notice to all residents 14 days before the hearing and have it published 10 days before.  The public hearing is scheduled to take place on October 21 at 10 a.m.

Between last Friday and Monday, Cox says they have had two property owners sell their property. This means Cox needs to get in contact with them to let them know about the upcoming sewer district.

Commissioner Marvin Rodriguez says this would be an improvement for the area, but Cox says there may be some issues.

      Craig Cox

Commissioner John Ford asked if this sewer district will affect the park nearby, to which Cox says since they are the property owner. This means they will hook the park up to the new system.

Commissioner Ron Wells also made a comment for the district.

      Ron Wells

Commissioners approved the notice for public hearing unanimously.

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