Day three of the murder trial of Richard Goens continued Tuesday with testimony from the state and finished with the defendant himself taking the stand.

One of the four co-defendants in the case, Jaylon Hitsman testified against Goens Tuesday, claiming it was Goens’ plan to rob Tanner Zamecnik and use Jaylon and his brother Dylan as pawns in the ordeal. The two were in Zamecnik’s vehicle during the cannabis transaction. Jaylon told prosecutors that once they saw the weed, they would give Goens the go ahead to commit the robbery. Jaylon confirmed Dylan sent the “ready” text to Goens.

Jaylon also testified that Goens approached the driver’s side window and pointed the gun at Jaylon, as a scare tactic. When Jaylon exited the car he claimed to have heard a gunshot, then noticed Goens drop from the car. Both Hitsman brothers and Goens then ran from the scene. Jaylon is currently serving a prison sentence on charges of second degree murder and aggravated battery for his actions.

Goens took the stand Tuesday afternoon where he faced cross examination from Deputy Riley County Attorney Trinity Muth. Goens stated he initially told an investigator he wasn’t at the scene then later changed his story, saying he believed he was being set up by the others. He confirmed a shot was fired but called it an accidental discharge, stating he didn’t point the gun at anyone.

Muth also noted that the detective’s transcript states Goens repeatedly told investigators he wasn’t trying to rob the guy, even though that accusation hadn’t been brought up by police. A fourth suspect, Shamar Sutton is also charged as an accomplice.

The trial continues Wednesday.

*Note: KMAN reporter Sam Hennigh contributed to the morning session of trial coverage Wednesday while Brandon Peoples contributed to the afternoon session coverage.

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