Public Hearings were held today for the Riley County 2023 Proposed Budgets. There was a change to the County Fire District #1 budget due to a timing issue with publication. The ad valorem taxes-required rate therefore dropped from 8.153 to 7.633. The Revenue Neutral Rate requires ten days public notice but that isn’t necessary when lowering the rate.
      1003 Edie Fire Budget


The county budget was published for the proper length of time prior to the hearing, and remained the same at $30,426,513 total and a 42.211 tax rate. Commissioner John Ford commended the employees for their hard work in keeping the budgets as low as possible.
      1003 Ford re Budget

Ford says he feels good about the County’s future, and hopes inflation starts to flatten to help future budget planning. 
      1003 Ford re future budgets

Both budgets were unanimously adopted by the commissioners. The total 2023 budget expenditures is $80,491,689.