Manhattan’s Airport Advisory Board heard updates Monday on the status of the runway reconstruction project currently underway.

One of those updates, provided by Airport Director Brandon Keazer, included the addition of another sub-phase that will work around changes made to the project’s timeline by American Airlines.


      Keazer 1

Additionally, the airline will not resume services until September 5th rather than the previous plan of September 1st.

Despite this change giving the contractor a jump-start on later phases, Keazer said it is unlikely services will resume early if construction is completed ahead of schedule.

      Keazer 2

Keazer also noted this means the airport will not be open for K-State Football’s first home game on September 2nd.

In addition to the extension update, Keazer presented the board with information on where the project currently sits.

      Keazer 3

More information about each phase and an updated timeline can be found on the airport’s website.