The Riley County Law Board has named Brian Peete as the new director for the Riley County Police Department in a 7-0 vote at a special meeting Monday.

      New director


That was Riley County Law Board Vice Chair Robert Ward.

Board Chair Linda Morse said that Monday’s special meeting served as a simply decision announcement, and there are more details that need to be worked out before Peete officially begins work.

      Next steps

Morse extended her thanks to all of those who have been a part of this process.

      Community appreciation

From left to right: Edwardsville, Kansas Police Chief Mark Mathies, RCPD Captain Josh Kyle and Montpelier, Vermont Police Chief Brian Peete were the finalists for the RCPD Director position. (Photo courtesy KMAN)

All of the commissioners agreed this was a hard decision to make. Board Member John Ford expressed his gratitude towards all of the candidates for their patience and hard-work.

      Great candidates

Peete will serve as the department’s sixth director behind Dennis Butler, Brad Schoen, Mike Watson, Alvin Johnson and W.L. Penhollow.

Peete will also be the first person of color to hold this title.

      New perspective

As of now, Morse said Peete will officially begin work as director some time before the end of the year. Further details will be provided during the next board meeting November 21st.