Linda Glasgow

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A piece of Aggieville history went up in smoke during Thursday morning’s blaze. The Dusty Bookshelf had served Manhattan residents with affordable books for 25 years, but the history of the building dates back as far as 1908 when the building first became a staple in Manhattan’s premiere bar district. In 1899, a group of students at Kansas State Agricultural College founded the Students Cooperative Association, said Linda Glasgow, an archivist at Riley County Historical Museum. By 1908, the students settled into the iconic building on the corner of Moro street and North Manhattan avenue.

“They were looking for a way to give students more affordable supplies and food,” said Glasgow. “They set up this cooperative arrangement so the students would not be paying a whole lot over the cost of these materials.”

By the 1940’s, said Glasgow, the store re-branded itself as the “Co-op Bookstore” and the text appeared above the entrance on the rounded corner. The shares were purchased by a private party and it was dubbed “The Campus Bookstore.”  Eventually, the business was met with competition from the new bookstore on campus. The co-op closed in the 1960’s, and went through a period where it served as Woody’s Men’s Shop then Brentwood Clothing.

Glasgow said the Dusty Bookshelf first appears in the museum’s archives dating back to 1992. Due to the success of the Manhattan location, a second branch in Lawrence opened in 1996. The building is currently owned by a Missouri couple.

“I’m sad about this turn of events, and I hope for the best for Aggieville and the building’s owner.”

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Source: KMAN Local News