Local celebrity C Clyde Jones celebrated turning 100 years old on Wednesday.
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His celebration was held over the summer, but he’s now being showered with gifts and well-wishes from around the globe.
      1222 C Clyde re June bday party

Jones never planned to make Kansas his home when he accepted a job at Kansas State University.
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While his party was being planned, he was told he had to pay for the party in a special currency.
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On his 100th birthday, Jones summed up his journey to Manhattan.
      1222 C Clyde journey to MHK

The next day he said he doesn’t remember it ever being so cold in Manhattan, noting the high temperature was forecasted at zero degrees. Jones served in the US Navy during WWII; and was the first Dean of the College of Business Administration at K-State. He’s still serving the community with the C Clyde Run and Midge’s Mile annual fundraisers; and he also works at Shepherd’s Crossing.
      1222 C Clyde on Shep Crossing

Check out what they do and consider donating in honor of C Clyde’s 100th Birthday at: https://www.shepherdscrossing.info/