C Clyde Jones at Anneberg Park

The C Clyde Run and Midge’s Mile had an uninvited guest Saturday. The fundraiser’s namesake, C Clyde Jones, says this is the first time in ten years his fundraiser for Shepherd’s Crossing has been rained out.

      0917 C Clyde good turnout

Neither rolling thunder nor downpouring rain could dampen anybody’s spirit at the event. Would-be runners lined up, crowded under a pavilion, to get a hug from the local celebrity. Jones agreed he’s likely the reason there was a large crowd despite the weather conditions at Frank Anneberg Park in Manhattan. 

      0917 C Clyde loves MHK

In June, hundreds of guests celebrated with Jones, who suffered a medical emergency the following month. There was no evidence that he’s recovering from a stroke, as he posed for photos, stood for hugs, and visited with participants. He plans to continue birthday celebrations as he closes in on centenarian status. 

Donate to Shepherd’s Crossing using a link at K-State’s College of Business Administration: cba.k-state.edu To donate to the Jones family scholarships, go to mcfks.org