With the construction of a new Genesis Health Club coming to Manhattan, the company’s CEO and attorney were both present at Tuesday’s City Commission meeting asking for a sales tax exemption on $6 million of material costs. Attorney at Law Korb Maxwell led commissioners in the discussion.

Total costs for the new health club are estimated at $12 million. Maxwell says the new facility will be approximately twice the size of the current one on the west end of Manhattan on Anderson Avenue.

The sales tax exemption on the $6 million was approved by commissioners. The new health club is expected to bring an estimated $100,000 in sales tax revenue for the city along with a 20-year projected economic impact of $5 million dollars.

Airport may see bigger planes

The Manhattan Regional Airport may be looking at receiving larger airplanes by May 5, but funding the extra security measures required for larger airplanes may prove to be difficult.

Airport director Jesse Romo told commissioners more intense TSA security measures are imposed on flights above 61 seats and those security measures require funding of approximately $2 million.

All of the security measures would need to be in place in less than 90 days which caused concern for commissioners, considering discussion of the situation started Tuesday night. No decisions were made but commissioners supported going forward with the project after further consideration is given on how to reduce costs and where the funding will come from.

Municpal ourthouse security renovations approved

In 2013 the state legislature mandated that municipal buildings allow concealed carry of weapons unless the municipal facility has “adequate security measures.” The law permitted cities to exempt municipal facilities from the mandate, and gave cities a period of time to implement them.

Now, that time is about to be up on July 1.

Manhattan City Attorney Katharine Jackson told commissioners the city must implement certain security renovations in the municipal courthouse to prevent visitors from concealing and carrying weapons on it’s premises.

Some of the security measures put in place will be metal detectors and designated entry and exit points in the courthouse. Commissioners approved the security renovations by a vote of 5-0.


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