Manhattan’s Parks and Recreation Department updated the city commission with their proposed cost recovery model at their meeting Tuesday. 

The current model sorts all programs into one of five tiers. Tier 1 would consist of the programs with the most community benefit, and as the tier number increases, the programs become more individualized.

The tiers are situated on a cost recovery pyramid indicating that programs with the most community benefit will require the smallest cost recovery percentage.

Commissioner Wynn Butler expressed concerns over one of the items included in Tier 3.


Parks and Recreation Director Chris Curtis explained that there will not be any new fees for indoor facility drop-ins, this is just a cautionary inclusion.

      Curtis 1

Mayor Mark Hatesohl said the model was promising but has concerns about people worrying they can no longer afford certain programs.


Curtis said that scholarships have been an ongoing topic of discussion.

      Curtis 2


You can view the tier and pyramid breakdowns below:

courtesy City Commission agenda packet
courtesy City Commission agenda packet