At the end of last month, Manhattan City Commissioners received a request from the Aggieville Business Association Board of Directors asking for parking garage fees to be waived until the end of July.

Various Aggieville business owners, employees and patrons testified at the board’s meeting Tuesday that complications with construction and accessing the garage have significantly decreased activity and revenue in the district. They feel that waiving the fee could encourage more customers to return.

Parking Services Manager Adrienne Tucker provided commissioners with revenue and activity numbers over the last few months at the garage, and she said waiving this fee would result in significant financial loss for the city.


Commissioner Linda Morse said fulfilling the ABA’s request raises concerns for her as well.


Commissioner Wynn Butler and Mayor Mark Hatesohl said they do not think waiving the fees would be effective, because paid parking is not the main deterrent.

      Butler & Hatesohl

Hatesohl instead suggested finding a more fiscally responsible way, such as a PR campaign, to encourage patrons to return to the district.


Assistant City Manager Jared Wasinger said they have already begun working on a similar project.


Ultimately, commissioners agreed to not fulfill the ABA’s request. They instead requested Wasinger continue developing their project to help market the district.