The City of Manhattan is continuing on the path of dissolving and consolidating its Social Services and Special Alcohol Funds Advisory Committees.

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That’s Commissioner Mark Hatesohl at Tuesday’s city commission work session. City officials had discussed the consolidation of the two boards with commissioners earlier in the year, with the majority supporting consolidation citing the boards’ similar purviews.

An alternative posed by staff if the new board cannot be brought up to speed in a timely fashion was to have the city commission review funding applications typically handled by the boards. City Commissioner Usha Reddi felt the process was backwards, and should have began with a review of board missions and charges.

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The future of a few City of Manhattan advisory boards will be decided when City Commissioners convene their January 24th meeting.

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That’s Commissioner Wynn Butler at Tuesday’s city commission work session. A majority of the commission had earlier this year expressed interest in seeing the Bicycle and Pedestrian, Arts and Humanities as well as Partner City Advisory Boards cut from the city’s roster of currently 21 committees.

Commissioners have shifted gears on the Partner City Committee at the behest of former Commissioner Ed Klimek and other members, but have continued course on the other two boards on the block. Mayor Linda Morse was among the minority opposing the dissolutions.

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Overall, there are currently 17 residents serving on the BPAC and AHAB boards.