Every year, K-State students partake in what may be one of the state’s most notorious binge drinking events — Fake Patty’s Day. While young adults may be preparing for parties, Riley County Police are preparing to enforce the law during a weekend which has been prevalent for alcohol abuse and other crimes.

Riley County Police Captain Josh Kyle told members of the Riley County Law Board that he does not expect a slump in partying this year. 2016 was the department’s busiest Fake Patty’s Day on record in terms of citations and arrests. Kyle said he is also particularly concerned about an increase in drug use in recent years. Kyle referenced a few overdoses in 2015, when a few partygoers consumed unknown drugs. Officers from the Kansas Highway Patrol and Kansas Bureau of Investigation will be in Manhattan during the weekend. Kyle said these agents will be out of uniform, and tasked with putting a stop to the trend in hard drug use.

RCPD DIrector Brad Schoen also discussed a proposed timeline for 2018 budget discussions. Schoen referenced an option provided to the board last year, where he provided a spreadsheet with a “plug-and-play” module, allowing the law board to base the new budget off that of the prior year. Schoen said the new mental healthcare co-responders will need to discussed with both Manhattan City Commission and the Riley county commission.

In other business, the board approved a new salary program for the department and approved the 2017 goals for RCPD. Sgt. Curt Steele was also recognized for his recent promotion. Karen McCulloh, Ron Wells, and Robert Boyd were all given plaques for their previous service to the Riley County Law Board.

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Source: KMAN Local News