Contractors are preparing to survey an area near the southwest boundary of Fort Riley and along the Republican River to continue munitions clean-up efforts.

Fort Riley officials say crews are beginning to clear vegetation, which may include burning designated areas. Efforts to locate and dispose of munitions and explosives of concern from the Camp Forsyth (For-SIGH-th) Landfill Area 2 munitions response site will follow.

A munitions response site (or MRS) is a specific location known to require munitions removal or other response due to the presence of known or suspected munitions and explosives of concern. That may include unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, or munitions components, like TNT.

The area or concern encompasses 123 acres along the southwestern boundary of Fort Riley, extending into the Republican River, the Republican Flats floodplain and Breakneck Creek. During this work, officials say the JC River Walk Trail, south of Fort Riley’s Trooper Gate will be closed as needed.

Cleaning operations will continue through the spring. The full project should be completed by late fall.