It was standing room only as the new non-profit organization, SERVE, officially launched in Manhattan on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  SERVE President Jurdene Coleman says the organization’s intention is to “incubate more candidates for local office.”  

      0116 Coleman about SERVE

Coleman says running for office can be intimidating and lonely. Their members and future candidates can be registered to a major party or unaffiliated. It’s about providing support to potential candidates with the heart to serve their community. 

      0116 Coleman SERVE purpose

The organization has a list of ways someone can serve the community, without running for office. Coleman suggests a person who isn’t ready to run, could gain experience and knowledge from volunteering with SERVE. 

      0116 Coleman who SERVE serves

SERVE wants to provide the support needed to help bring more diversity to local political offices. The organization wants to see elected positions represent both young and old; religious and non-religious; men and women; homeowners and renters; and the full range of socioeconomic status. While the organization is centered in Riley County, Coleman says they will try to support the greater Flint Hills area.  

      0116 Coleman areas SERVE serves

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