A brand-new and bright-orange butterfly now adorns the Butterfly Lane street sign on K-State’s campus.

Butterfly Lane was renamed Friday to Wefald’s Butterfly Lane in honor of the late Jon Wefald, lover of Monarch Butterflies and former K-State University President.

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President Richard Linton hosted the dedication ceremony and shared more about Wefald’s admiration for the dainty, orange insect.

      Butterfly Lane

Linton also said he greatly admired Wefald and will be forever thankful for his guidance and support.

      Linton’s thanks

During his tenure, Wefald had a significant impact on the university.

      Wefald’s legacy

In addition to being president, Wefald was also a dedicated and loving father.

Andy Wefald spoke about the memories he has of his family’s time at K-State.

He reflected back fondly on times of walking through campus with his father, chatting with students and staff and eating numerous lunches with various professors.

However one memory holds a special place in the young Wefald’s heart.

      Fond memories

Jon Wefald passed away in April of this year. He served as the university’s 12th president from 1989 until 2009, the second-longest presidency K-State has seen.

You can listen to the full ceremony below:

      Wefald’s Butterfly Lane Ceremony