A status hearing for Robert Iacobellis was held Monday, as the defendant appeared yet again without counsel, weeks after dismissing his court-appointed attorneys.

Iacobellis, who stands charged with 27 counts of sexual abuse involving four individuals, informed Judge Kendra Lewison that he has been unable to secure funding to hire Lawrence-based attorney Christopher Joseph. He says he had secured half of the $50,000 needed, but then learned the price had doubled to $100,000. Iacobellis said he has two people, including a family member, helping secure funding for the costly legal battle, but indicated that the price tag may be out of his reach.

Judge Lewison, who has indicated a desire to move forward on the case, directed that she will work toward appointing him a new attorney, setting the case over for a 2:30 p.m. status hearing on Oct. 11.

Iacobellis has previously been represented by Brenda Jordan and Lora Ingels, of the Manhattan area, the second legal team to advise him since his August 2019 arrest. The two attorneys had arranged an Alford Plea with Riley County prosecutors earlier this year, but they withdrew from the case after Iacobellis decided to withdraw his plea.