Junction City Commissioners have reached an agreement to proceed on acquiring the former Junction City High School property.
The city has been in negotiations with USD 475 to acquire the property for $1. Over the past month, the two sides have been hashing out a compromise, as the district sought removal of all building permit fees for all future projects. City Manager Allen Dinkel maintained Tuesday that he does not want to see that continue in perpetuity, but says an exception could be made on the next district project, a proposed early childhood development center.
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The district is considering placing the center either on the old high school property or just north of the new high school. The city is hoping to utilize the former as a space for a new library and potentially other recreational facilities. Commissioner Nate Butler says the city’s compromise is a good olive branch.
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Butler initially suggested in his motion that 15 trees be planted on the property once the deal is finalized, but it was ultimately pulled at the request of Commissioner Pat Landes.

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USD 475 is holding a special meeting on Oct. 27 where it will consider the city’s terms and continue the discussion on where to locate the proposed early childhood development center.