Kansas State University honored the life and legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with their annual candle lighting and wreath laying ceremony on campus Friday.

Prior to the laying of the wreaths next to Dr. King’s bust outside of Ahearn Fieldhouse, members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity held their candle lighting ceremony.

Alpha Phi Alpha brothers light ceremonial candles

Before lighting each ceremonial candle, members of Alpha Phi Alpha acknowledged why they were participating in the day’s events.

      Alpha Phi Alpha

Attendees then watched as the wreaths were placed before listening to words of reflection from Pastor Everett Fletcher.

Fletcher said despite the significant change he created, Dr. King’s work and dream are not finished. Now, the responsibility of progress rests on our shoulders. 

Wreath layers wait to place their wreaths

Before concluding the ceremony, K-State’s Vice President for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Dr. Rana Johnson said she was proud to witness the day’s events, and she knows Dr. King would be proud too.