X marks the spots to begin demo on wall being removed to accomodate new Tracz Family Band Hall

Although construction has already begun on the Tracz Family Band Hall at K-State, the community celebrated the future home of the band on Friday. Instead of the typical shovels for the ground-breaking, the demolition of a wall was started.

Band Director Dr. Frank Tracz says students and directors since the inception of K-State’s Band have all contributed to this important milestone. However, he is still honored to have the new hall named after his family since they have accepted his absence at many family functions for three decades.

Tracz says band members have other responsibilities such as attending classes, so the benefit of having a band hall is tremendous.

      0917 Dr Tracz band will have a home

The Marching Band is in great demand, and their performances often bring in donations to the university. Tracz says the hall will help students save time and effort.

      0917 Dr Tracz benefit of band hall

Tracz has been having trouble containing his excitement about the progress of the band’s new home.

      0917 Dr Tracz Ready to move in

He says the Marching Band received a wonderful compliment from Fort Riley during practice a few days ago.

      0917 Dr Tracz Ft Riley compliment

Construction is expected to be completed in February of 2023. The entrance and a pathway will display legacy pavers. Go to traczfamilybandhallpavers.com to create and purchase pavers for display at the Tracz Family Band Hall.