Kansas State University is now one step closer to offering a bachelor’s degree program in criminology.

K-State Provost Chuck Taber spoke with the Kansas Board of Regents at their meeting Wednesday. They discussed a proposal for the university to implement a program that allows students to obtain a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology.

Currently, the school only offers degrees in sociology with the option of specializing in criminology. Taber explained to the board why this degree would fit nicely with their current programing and its benefits for the students.

      Taber 1

In response to a question from Regent Blake Benson, Taber explained why the interest in and the demand for criminology programs is on the rise.

      Taber 2

A more heavily discussed point revolved around the issues of having duplicate programs across universities. Taber said that duplication programs tend to have negative connotations, but they can actually provide some positives. One benefit of duplication is the increase of quality employee production for jobs that are in high demand.

      Taber 3

Regent Carl Ice said it is important to consider timing when implementing change. He explained that many factors are currently in place that help make this change more ideal.


According to Taber, the estimated extra cost for the program is approximately $5,000; A majority of that comes from advertising the new degree.

After their discussion, the board unanimously approved the proposal.