Manhattan City Commissioners, from left: Karen McCulloh, Usha Reddi, Linda Morse, Mike Dodson and Wynn Butler.

Many citizens of Manhattan came out both in support and against an ordinance on rental property registration at Tuesday night’s city commission meeting.
Rental property owner Richard Hill, among others, spoke out against the ordinance which he says would impose regulation on rental property owners, and requiring them to register each rental property they own. Hill pointed to disarray with landlords and distrust with the city. Austin Fanistil asked why the ordinance is being proposed in the first place.
“We’ve had a lot of information and a lot of discussion trying to balance the interests across the entire community,” said commissioner Mike Dodson after two hours of public comment. “I think we’re pretty darn close.”
City officials indicate the ordinance is meant to ensure rental properties meet code so that students and other residents in the community live in safe and healthy environments. The sentiment expressed by Dodson seemed to be reiterated by other commissioners which ultimately resulted in a unanimous approval of the first reading of the ordinance.

Commissioner Wynn Butler also said this is the closest compromise the city has come to on the issue.

After listening to public comments, Mayor Usha Reddi said this isn’t the first time they’ve discussed it, as the matter has come up for several years, but she described the current proposed ordinance “as about as simplified as it can be.”

While commissioners unanimously approved the first reading of the ordinance, many stated the ordinance needs better clarification before it is implemented.

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