Next week is the City of Manhattan’s annual Spring Cleanup Week, where city crews will collect any yard waste, tree limbs and branches at no cost to residents.

Manhattan City Manager Ron Fehr says collections begin Monday.

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Residents are advised to create separate piles for limbs and branches on the ground next to the curb for easy pick up by a person or skid loader. Limbs or branches shouldn’t be placed too far back in the yard, making them difficult for the loader to reach from the street. The City says branches should be stacked loosely and residents should avoid using rope or twine to tie them together. Scrap lumber should not be mixed with branches.

Items should be placed on the curb and ready for pickup by 7 a.m. on the scheduled day for collection.

Map showing designated collection areas March 27-31 in Manhattan. (Courtesy City of Manhattan)
Monday: City crews will collect in the southwest part of the city, south of Anderson Ave. and west of Westwood.
Tuesday: Crews will move to northwest Manhattan, including areas north of Anderson and west of Seth Child.
Wednesday: Collections will take place in north central Manhattan, including all areas north of Anderson between Seth Child and Manhattan Ave.
Thursday: Crews will collect in all areas north of Ratone/Ehlers, east of Manhattan Ave. and Tuttle Creek Blvd, including the Northview area
Friday: Crews will collect in the southeastern part of Manhattan, including areas south of Anderson Ave. between Westwood and Manhattan and all areas southeast of Manhattan Ave. and Ratone/Ehlers.
The following items will not be collected during the cleanup event: major household appliances, tires, batteries, concrete or rock rubble, and construction or demolition debris. Household hazardous waste — paint, thinners, lubricants, herbicides, insecticides, etc. — also will not be collected and instead should be taken to the Riley County Noxious Weed Department, 6245 Tuttle Creek Blvd.