Eric Meyer, owner and editor of the Marion County Record newspaper, stopped by the A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication on Friday to discuss the aftermath and implications of the August 11th raid of the Record’s newsroom.

Meyer provided background on the incident, which many consider a First Amendment violation. He said raids like this are virtually non-existent.

      Meyer 1

the Record’s paper released 5 days after the raid

Meyer noted one significant takeaway from this incident is that journalism is a voice for the people, and no one wants it to be silenced.

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Despite the stress and turmoil, Meyer said there is one positive that resulted from the raid.

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Meyer explained the raid was the result of an accusation that the paper illegally obtained information alleging a local restaurant owner was driving without a license following a DUI conviction in 2008.

Considering certain details of the raid, Meyer said it was likely in response to their investigation of past allegations of misconduct against Police Chief Gideon Cody.

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Meyer said Vice Mayor Ruth Herbel, also subjected to a raid, has a strained relationship with Mayor David Mayfield, who was involved with the raid prior to its execution.

Currently, one lawsuit has been filed against the police chief, and Meyer said at least three more will be filed.