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The Flint Hills Breadbasket celebrated the Manhattan Souper Bowl on Saturday. The event began in 1995 and encourages residents to give canned goods to help stock the pantry’s shelves with warm soup for cold months. St Thomas More Knights of Columbus member, Kelly Adams, was helped collect donations at Dillons Saturday morning.

      0213 Adams 2

Some of the Manhattan High Boys Basketball team was at Dillons helping out. Landon Knopp explains.  

      0213 Knopp

Their cart was filling up so quickly, they were moving donations to pallets. Miles Braxmeyer says he’s impressed with the community’s generosity.  

      0213 Braxmeyer

Jason Kim explains why it’s important for the team to have opportunities to volunteer. 

      0213 Kim

Other members of the Manhattan Boys Basketball Team were volunteering at Hy-Vee. Cole Coonrod explains what they were up to.  

      0213 Coonrod

He and Jack Wilson were passing out slips for Souper Bowl ‘23. Standing next to overflowing carts of donations, Wilson says they’re pleased with the response.  

      0213 Wilson

As customers handed donations to Coonrod and Wilson, they shouted out praise as the team had beat Junction City 46-45 the night before.  

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