The Manhattan City government reorganized Tuesday, with city commissioners unanimously confirming Mark Hatesohl to serve as mayor for the year 2023 as Linda Morse closes out her second term in the largely ceremonial position.

By tradition, commissioners serving for four-year terms rotate the position among them in order of the number of votes cast in their name during the election. Hatesohl enters his second term as mayor, having previously held the position in 2008 during his prior time on the city commission. He was joined in celebrating the occasion by numerous members of his family.
Also following tradition, Usha Reddit was unanimously confirmed to the position of mayor pro tem for the year 2023 and will serve as mayor in 2024.

Outgoing Mayor Morse reflected on the litany of developments and projects seen throughout 2022, calling Manhattan a shining star in the State of Kansas.

      Mayor Linda Morse, outgoing comments

City Manager Ron Fehr and staff presented Morse with a photo collage as well as a plaque bearing the mayor’s gavel in recognition of her service to the City of Manhattan.

Following his confirmation, Now Mayor Hatesohl expressed gratitude to his family for being in attendance and remarked on a year of development to come in Manhattan.

      Mayor Mark Hatesohl, looking forward