Both the 0.5% local sales tax and the 0.2% countywide sales tax on roads and bridges will take effect in January.

At the end of last year, the prior 0.5% sales tax expired. The county split the tax money with the city of Manhattan, but the latter split off to enact its own tax.

The five-year term of the new county tax is expected to bring in $10 million during that time. The 0.2% countywide sales tax will be used to pay for the costs of repairing, maintaining, and building bridges and roads.

The proposed new city tax is expected to raise $65 million over its ten-year lifespan.

10% of the 10-year tax would go toward “workforce housing,” which officials define as a program that will build inexpensive housing that will entice people to move to the community, with the remaining 70% going toward infrastructure and debt repayment, the final 20% would be used for economic development.

The Riley County part of Manhattan will have a 9.15% tax rate and the Pottawatomie County portion will be at 9.45%