Pawnee Mental Health

A Manhattan mental healthcare provider is the recipient of a $15,000 grant to help with its transition to a certified community behavioral health clinic or CCBHC.

Pawnee Mental Health Services Monday was announced as the recipient for the grant, awarded by the Tower Foundation and publicized by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office.

The CCBHC model is being implemented by mental health organizations around Kansas, which the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says is designed to ensure better access to comprehensive behavioral health care and requires things such as 24/7 access to crisis services as well as assistance with treatment planning and targeted case management.

The $15,000 award will help as Pawnee transitions to a CCBHC and ensures it meets standards and requirements that come with that designation.

Funding was in-part sourced from the Sunflower Foundation out of Topeka. The Tower Mental Health Foundation of Kansas is a collaboration between the Attorney General’s office and the Menninger Foundation that began in 2007, offering support to mental health service organizations in Kansas through financial awards.