Pawnee Mental Health

Pawnee Mental Health and the Midwest Dream Car Collection are kicking off their annual “Driving the Dream” fundraising event next week.

The event starts September 28th with an on-line auction and will conclude with an in-person event October 13th.

Pawnee’s Director of Marketing and Development Diane Hinrichs spoke with KMAN about a few of the items they will have up for auction.

      Auction items

Hinrichs also explained more about the in-person portion of the fundraiser taking place next month.

      In-person event

Like many other businesses and organizations in the area, Pawnee has found itself and its staff stretched pretty thin.

Hinrichs said that struggles with funding, space, and staffing will greatly benefit from the proceeds raised by the event.

      Supporting Pawnee

Tickets are $75.00 a piece. Check out Pawnee Mental Health’s website to purchase tickets, view auction items, or to learn more.