The Riley County Police Department provided an update during the county’s Law Board meeting on Monday in regard to the activity during this year’s Fake Patty’s Day celebration.

RCPD Captain Greg Steere indicated to the board that overall activity numbers were low when compared to years past (report can be viewed below).


However, an influx of activity on Ratone Street was cause for concern.

During the March 7th Manhattan City Commission meeting, residents of Ratone Street said hundreds, if not thousands, of people flooded the area resulting in property damage, trespassing, lewd behavior, violence and more.

Ratone Street during Fake Patty’s Day, photo courtesy: Devin Rayfield

Board Member and City Commissioner Wynn Butler made it clear that the activity on Ratone Street was unacceptable; a statement that many others echoed.


Everyone agreed that this issue should not occur again, but RCPD Assistant Director Kurt Moldrup said addressing this issue will be tricky. 

      Muldrop 1

A media blitz was suggested to discourage the illegal activity. Moldrup said this tactic also needs to be carefully considered because it has the potential to do more harm than good.

      Muldrop 2

Steere and RCPD Director Brian Peete said they will consider all options for next year’s event. They plan to focus on proactive solutions to prevent large crowds and create plans that can safely disperse a crowd regardless of its location.

Fake Patty's numbers