Congressman Tracey Mann met with constituents Tuesday at the Wefald Pavilion in City Park, part of his ongoing listening tour across the Big First district.

Among the topics he highlighted were the debt limit and an upcoming showdown on the matter between Republicans and Democrats.

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The Congressional Budget Office projects that if the current $31.4 trillion debt limit remains unchanged, the government’s ability to borrow using extraordinary measures will be exhausted between July and September, with the U.S. in danger of defaulting on its debt obligations. Mann says he’s optimistic that President Biden will meet with House Republicans at some point for a discussion.

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Mann heard from some in the audience, concerned about the future of social security, the U.S. involvement in the World Health Organization and border security, the latter of which could see some legislation move forth in the House later this year.

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It’s not clear what potential legislation may look like, but according to media outlet CQ Roll Call, it likely would include provisions requiring the Department of Homeland Security to detain or turn away migrants who arrive at the border and defund nonprofit groups providing aid to migrants in the region.

As for the upcoming Farm Bill, Mann, who serves on the House Agriculture Committee, says crop insurance remains his top priority, but also remains hopeful money can be designated to land-grant universities, such as Kansas State University, which could go toward addressing backlogs of deferred maintenance.

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The current U.S. Farm Bill expires Sept. 30.

Mann’s listening tour also included stops Tuesday in Clay Center, Wamego and Holton. He’s scheduled to visit with constituents in Oskaloosa and Abilene on Wednesday.