Family, friends, officials and more gathered inside the Riley County Courthouse to celebrate Ryan Inglett and his graduation from the district’s Drug Court program.

The Drug Court was established in March of 2022 to help provide support, treatment and accountability for community members who struggle with addiction. 21st Judicial District Judge Kendra Lewison explained more about the program.

      Lewison 1

Inglett was the program’s first participant, and less than a year later, he became its first graduate.

Inglett delivering his graduation speech

Upon graduation, Inglett reached 408 days of sobriety. His probation officer Brett Clark said Inglett is considered to be a trailblazer for the program, not only because he was first, but because of his determination and success.

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Inglett said completing the program made him extremely happy and gave him hope for the future.

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When he first began, Inglett was skeptical about completing the program. However, Clark was certain Inglett would succeed because of his determination to support his family.

      Clark 2

Before concluding the ceremony, Judge Lewison said she had a surprise to share.

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As of February 21st, Drug Court has supported 18 participants who collectively have 2,940 days of sobriety. Additionally, of the program’s 560 submitted drug tests, only 55 have come back positive.