Residential property values are up, according to Riley County appraiser Greg McHenry.

McHenry told county commissioners Monday morning values are up at least 3 percent on average for 2017, with some up as high as 3.5 percent. Commercial properties have also increased in value on an average of 5 to 6 percent.

McHenry said Change of Value Notices will be mailed out to property owners on Wednesday.

“Some folks may see something a little higher than that, some a little lower than that,” McHenry said. “As most people are probably aware of, one number doesn’t dictate our entire market. Some homes in some areas sell differently than others from year to year, and we see the same thing to some degree in the commercial market as well.”

Property owners have till March 16 to file an appeal on their values, and McHenry said his office welcomes them.

“The Change of Value notices provide both the current and previous year’s value for comparison,” he said. “There’s a brief explanation of the valuation process and explanations of the appeal process. The Change of Value notices also include a form you can send in to the appraiser’s office to get an appeal scheduled.

“Folks who appeal would be meeting with someone from our office who actually set their value and (we’ll) provide all the information that we use to set that value, either in advance or at the time of the appeal, depending on what the request is. We can meet at the property, we can do it by phone or do it in person at time that’s convenient for them.”

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