Riley County BOCC member Greg McKinley, Chair Kathryn Focke, Vice-Chair John Ford

An open public meeting was well attended Saturday morning in Riley County Commissioners’ Chambers. The board was tasked with deciding if an annexation to the City of Manhattan would hinder growth or development to the area or any incorporated city in the county. The nearly 79 acre tract of land is located between the airport and the Random Woods neighborhood.
Midwest Concrete Materials, the City of Ogden, and Random Woods property owners testified. A residential property owner asked for better communication. Vice-Chair John Ford agreed.
      0115 Ford better comm

Another resident asked how the annexation will benefit the county. Ford responded
      0115 Ford on prop taxes

Commission Chair Kathryn Focke restated the question at hand, and gave her view after hearing testimony.
      0115 Focke dissent statement


Ford disagreed, stating the annexation will actually benefit the City of Ogden’s growth and development.
      0115 Ford it benes Ogden

Ford proposed allowing annexation for the City of Manhattan. The motion carried two to one with Focke dissenting. The board anticipates passage of the final order when a resolution is presented at their regular business meeting on January 19th.