During their Monday meeting, Riley County Commissioners received an updated cost estimate for the new Public Safety Headquarters from BHS Construction indicating the project sits at approximately $22.5 million.

This price tag is roughly $10 million higher than an early and rough estimate presented in July of last year.

EMS and Ambulance Director David Adams broke down the cost for each piece of the project.

      Adams 1

This jump in costs came as a surprise to most; Commissioner John Ford said he anticipated costs to sit between $16 million and $18 million.

Kile Morrison of Archimages Architecture said a previous project led him to believe the cost would be significantly lower as well.

      Morrison 1

Commission Chair Kathryn Focke asked Adams if forgoing the proposed basement would cut costs.

      Adams 2

Morrison said he and his team are immediately looking into ways to cut costs without significantly altering the building’s function.

      Morrison 2

Adams said he is scheduled to meet with BHS and Archimages on March 27th and will provide commissioners with the possible cost-cutting solutions discussed.

The new facility aims to house EMS quarters, EMS, ambulance, and mobile command vehicles, a backup dispatch, administrators, training rooms and a third floor for future expansion.