Riley County commissioners have tabled approving a construction proposal for the north county ambulance station.
Public Works Director John Ellerman requested to officially accept Anderson Knight Architects for the design of the station. The cost for the proposal is around $99,000, with the project cost estimated between $960 and $1.04 million.
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The proposal does not include fees for surveying, furniture, fixtures and equipment. Land for the proposed north county station still needs to be acquired. EMS is considering two lots currently owned by the City of Leonardville. EMS Director David Adams explains.
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Commission Chair Greg McKinley suggested eliminating a classroom to save on costs.
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Commissioner John Ford agreed, as he had voiced his opposition to the classroom when it was first brought up. Adams says he doesn’t believe they would need that room is a necessity. Commissioner Kathryn Focke had favored having the classroom space.

An adjusted proposal will be presented Thursday, with the commission expected to approve.
Riley County is moving forward with a restructured EMS, approved by the commission Monday.

Three new full time positions, one for each shift, will be added to help fill unused hours due to short staffing. Human Resources Manager Elizabeth Ward said Monday the extra 364 hours full time staff has been working, is extensive.

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Ward says the current model is normal for a fire or police department, but not for EMS or ambulance and is aimed at improving employees’ work/life balance. Since 2018, the department has had progressively fewer as needed staff members on our roster. Adams says 70 percent of their unscheduled time off was filled with these positions.

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This restructuring does take into account the new ambulance station planned in northern Riley County. Adams says this was the tipping point showing this will work.