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Manhattan firefighters responded to a fire early Monday morning in the 2155 Patricia Place. The deck of a mobile home was on fire when firefighters responded shortly after 6 a.m. The fire extended inside and a near-by motorcycle was also catching fire.
Manhattan Fire Deputy Chief Ryan Almes tells KMAN the fire was extinguished about  15 minutes after arrival but there was one unusual aspect –a propane bottle for a grill on the deck was discharging and making quite a racket.
No injuries were involved with both occupants and a pet able to get out unharmed. Damage is estimated at $20,000 and cause has been determined to be a discarded cigarette in a plastic container on the deck. Almes admits an added challenge was the nearest fire hydrant was almost 2,000 feet away. But he says his crews were able to use tank water to put the fire out.
 Also reporting on recent fires is Riley County Fire Chief Pat Collins, who told county commissioners Monday his crews responded to 13 fires this past weekend, with many being controlled burns that got out of control. Two are listed as suspicious, including one in the 10,000 block of Blue River Hills on Sunday and another Saturday at that same location.The biggest fire was at 80 Cavalry Road on Saturday afternoon involving 160 acres. At least one outbuilding at 860 Harwood was burned on Saturday.

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