Local parishioners are excitedly awaiting the reopening of their beloved St. Isidore’s Catholic Church and Student Center after a year and a half of on-going construction.

Father Gale Hammerschmidt said renovations began in the spring of 2021 to address the long-running issue of lack of appropriate space. 

      Space issues

He also said this process has been long and challenging at times, but applauds his community’s resilience throughout. 

      Community resilience

Hammerschmidt  expressed tremendous gratitude towards K-State’s Alumni Center for allowing them to utilize their space while the church has been out of commission. 

      Alumni Center

The church will host an opening celebration at the end of January, but Hammerschmidt said there are a few more pieces of the puzzle that need to fall into place first.

      Finishing touches

The opening weekend mass and celebration are on an invite-only basis, however Father Hammerschmidt encourages and welcomes anyone to attend mass the following morning.

For more information on the project or church services, check out St. Isidore’s Facebook page or website.