The current Tuttle Creek Lake conditions are unusual this year, with the lake’s level at 1,073, which is 3 ft. below normal pool.
US Army Corps of Engineers Operations Manager Brian McNulty tells KMAN, if these trends continue, the lake could potentially reach near record low pools, rarely seen since the Corps began operations in 1963.
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Inflow has been low throughout the year, and at one point was 28 cubic feet per second, when typically that number is in the hundreds. With the U.S. Drought Monitor for the area showing levels near severe drought, 650 cubic feet per second is consistently being released from Tuttle to meet minimum flow requirements downstream.
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Estimated cumulative inflow for the lake is 75 cubic feet per second.
The Corps is continuing to have work done on contracted updates to the rip-rap overlay at the base of the dam, due to damage from the high water levels of 2019.
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In addition, roadwork in Tuttle Cove, Stockdale, Observation Point, and Outlet park areas has been completed, with focus shifting to improvement of public access areas.

McNulty says they are working on plans for these improvement projects.

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Gate liner repair work began in August and as long as there are no issues with the public accessing the closed area at the basin, it will remain open for fishing.

ORV fencing is along the south boundary of the park area is also underway and should be completed by October.