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No structures were lost and no injuries have been reported following three wildfires over the weekend in Riley County.

Firefighters from Riley County Fire District No. 1 were called out Friday evening to a blaze near Gehrt Road and Hwy 177, in the southeast area of the county. An estimated four acres of cedar timbers and dense forest burned, fueled by strong winds which blew embers across the highway. The fire threatened multiple homes and in some cases, came within feet of damaging property, according to Emergency Management Director Russel Stukey.

“My best advice is to stay aware of the weather,” said Stukey. “On days where fire danger is high, limit outdoor activities that cause sparks, such as welding or metal work. Also make sure you’re always following the requirements of a burn permit if you’re doing any ag or brush pile burning when conditions allow.”

The cause of the Gehrt Road fire is undetermined, but county officials have ruled out arson and don’t suspect foul play.

A pair of prescribed and permitted agricultural burns got out of control Saturday, including one near Stockdale Park Road and another near Peach Grove Road. County officials say It’s unclear how many acres burned in those fires.

Videos courtesy Riley County Fire District No. 1