(left to right) City Manager Ron Fehr, Mayor Mark Hatesohl, Commissioners Wynn Butler, John Matta, Linda Morse
The Manhattan City Commission approved the 2024 city budget at their bimonthly legislative session on Tuesday.
The overall budget grew nearly $40 million from last fiscal year, from $187 million to $224 million, a nearly 20% increase, largely driven by assessed valuations, which were up about 9.5%. The budget includes a 2.9% increase in property taxes to be levied, totaling just over $34 million, up about $963,000 from last fiscal year. (The 2023 budget included just over $33 million in ad valorem taxes levied.)
Commissioner John Matta explained why taxes went up in the new budget.
      0919 1 John Matta

The decrease from the originally proposed mill levy of 50.497 to 49 mills was done after a majority of the commission directed city staff two weeks ago to find areas to cut. As a result, city staff trimmed back over $347,000 from the employee benefit fund and over $673,000 from the bond and interest fund. The general fund, which totals $45.2 million was left unchanged, showing a 15% increase over the previous year.
Commissioner Wynn Butler says he hopes that the amount of sales tax revenue gained by the city will prevent the commission from making serious budget cuts going forward.
      0919 2 Wynn Butler

The budget, included on Tuesday’s consent agenda, was approved unanimously by a 4-0 vote.
The 2024 budget summary and analysis documents are shared below as well as the draft 2024 salary ordinance, which were approved at Tuesday’s meeting.