Pottawatomie County Appraiser Robin Knoblauch provided an update to county officials Monday, regarding the office’s work with taxpayers questioning or wanting to appeal their 2023 value notices.

As of Monday, her office had 46 scheduled appeals.

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She says the major class of increase was residential, which according to the county wide index average was up 14.6%. Most small towns in Pottawatomie County also showed an index value much higher, by up to 6% or more.

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Knoblauch says in speaking with other county appraisers across the region, the average valuation increases in northeast Kansas have been approximately 15%. She calls it a not winnable situation for appraisers, especially given compliance numbers appraisers must reach when valuing property. She also noted property values had been undervalued for a long time.

Rules governing personal property taxes are also consistently changing.

Knoblauch stated one new change this year comes from a Board of Tax Appeals ruling out of Ford County that states a commercial grain elevator’s machinery and equipment is portable and can be used without the grain elevator itself, something she and many county appraisers disagree with.

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She says if a grain elevator has changed ownership anytime since June 30, 2006, machinery equipment will be exempt starting with the 2023 tax year and possibly 2022 if the property owner files an appeal with the county.

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The 2022 appraised amount on grain elevators in Pottawatomie County was over $6.9 million, resulting in $206,000 in proposed tax.