The Board of Riley County Commissioners voted unanimously Monday to deny a request from Evergy Inc. to construct an electrical switching station west of the McDowell Creek Road and Konza Prairie Lane intersection, on the north side.

County Planner Bob Isaac says the switching station would provide improved electrical services to members of the community.

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Evergy Manager of Permitting and Civil Engineering Jessica Keck spoke during the meeting and says the location of the station on the proposed property was altered in hopes of decreasing its obtrusive nature and relieving some of the public’s concern.

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Despite this location shift, the board, along with the large crowd of community members in attendance, felt it still did not meet enough of the county’s six land development regulations. Manhattan resident Cheryl Strecker says the station does not meet all six of the county’s land development regulations.

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County Commissioner John Ford says he is typically one to support development, but this proposal raises too many concerns.

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Additionally, community members in attendance were heavily opposed to the site’s close proximity to the Ashland Cemetery.

Earlier last month, the Riley County Planning Board unanimously recommended the denial of Evergy’s request.