REO Speedwagon is at the Tony’s Pizza Event Center in Salina on February 16th and we know that love makes the world go round and we want to hear about how the love you have for your significant other! You can enter and tell us the story about how you ‘Keep On Lovin’’ your current life-partner.

Our next winner is Jennifer from Salina and she writes:

“My treasured love…. Brandy… is the kindest, strongest, bravest, most amazing person I have ever met in all my 47 years. We have raised 3 beautiful, kind, smart and astonishing children in our 17 years together. She has not only been the greatest housewife and mother, but has been so much more! She is my soul mate, the very air I breath, I can not imagine my life without her. We’ve had an amazing life together, traveled coast to coast, taught our children that love is colorless and genderless, and to just follow their hearts. We celebrate our 17 year anniversary on February 24th. We both absolutely LOVE REO !
All 3 of our children have graduated from highschool, 2 currently attending college, and the third is making us the proudest grandparents at the end of may! Brandy, will literally give you the shirt off her back, the last crumb of food in our home, or anything at all that you would need, and never asking for or expecting anything in return. I have been blessed to have known her, and loved her in this life, I am eternally hers.”

Well Jennifer, we hope you enjoy REO Spedwagon with your soul mate next to you!

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